Civil Centrum Public Benefit Foundation makes such NGOs successful that look for innovative solutions for social changes and who are open to state-of-the-art solutions in order to fulfil their goals.

Our foundation helps other organizations with our organization development work using state-of-the-art technological solutions and tailor-made services to achieve their mission.

Our core values: Innovation – Reliability – Commitment – Consciousness


With taking national and international best practices and developments into account, we strive for renewal using innovative solutions and creative technologies, keeping up with the assigned directions and philosophy.


Our organisational operation and activities are predictable, traceable, and accountable. Our results are measurable and public.


Our professional principles and convictions drive us in our everyday work. Our future prospects and goals continuously inspire and motivate us.


In order to fulfil our social goals, we conduct our professional work, developments, and organisational operation in a deliberate and planned way.

Our basic principles

The goal of Civil Centrum Foundation is to strengthen the operation and to increase the efficiency of Hungarian NPOs in order to have their social responsibility grow. The Foundation’s basic activity is development and counselling work with which it helps those NPOs whose goal is to perform professional work. The Foundation strives to help newly formed NPOs in the starting of their activities so that they will be able as soon as possible to offer the best possible service to their clients and target groups.

Our Vision

Civil Centrum Foundation set out to make trust the foundation of society in Hungary. It strives to create a tranquil and consistent communal life by encouraging active members of society to be united, to work in partnership, and to take responsibility for their environment and for each other. Moreover, it also works getting those members to expect of themselves to be authentic, reliable, and transparent in their activities.

Our mission

The mission of Civil Centrum Foundation is to develop predominantly in Central Transdanubia Region those NPOs and other active members of society working in different sectors and branches who are committed to quality and transparent operation and who are open for partnership, with providing creative services and innovative tools that would facilitate them and adapt them to challenges.

Contact Us

Civil Centrum Public Benefit Foundation

Post Address: 8000, Székesfehérvár, Jancsár street 25.

Phone number: +36304587207

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Activities and services

Circle of Chance

We started a network of organisations in the county who work for disability related causes, to strengthen their cooperation and their advocacy skills.

Hungarian Civil Roundtable

4 Hungarian NGO development organisations created this network to research the financial sustainability of organisations with social goals, to develop a sustainability and impact based development methodology, and to have projects for national sustainability development projects.


Services for NGOs:

We help and develop NGOs so that they could work efficiently and successful, and so that they could contribute to the recognition of the sector. Our services and activities are aimed at the following: financial sustainability, social impact, legal compliance, strategy, operation, management, networking, network building. For these aims we provide counselling, complex organisation development, trainings, CANVAS business model, social enterprise development, screening and development using a sustainability focused method designed by the Hungarian Civil Roundtable. We also have monthly club meetings for NGO leaders where they can learn from each other and from invited experts.

Services for employers:

Our main goal is to strengthen employment by advising on and implementing policies and practices for workplaces to be more flexible and family friendly. We support those employers who employ people with disabilities. We put great emphasis on strengthening the cooperation between the profit and non-profit sectors. We also help employers in implanting and improving their CSR policies.

Services for local governments:

We work together with local governments to help them in drawing up strategies involving the third sector and involving the sector. We also provide programmes related to employment and equal changes.

For employment seekers: 

Our main target groups are job seekers, more specifically people with disabilities, women over the age of 50, and women returning from parental leave. We have designed our labour market services – counselling, trainings – so that these people could return to the labour market as fast and easy as possible.

Related programmes and services:

  • Nora-Centre: We provide tailor-made job seeking counsel for women after their parental leave and women over the age of 50 to help them reintegrate into the labour market.
  • “Nemekbol Igenek” club: monthly meetings to discuss gender related topics with the help of facilitating guest lecturers
  • Trainings for pregnant women: to prepare them for parental leave and for motherhood


International Projects

Alcoa-funded projects (2011- ): Although these are not international projects, some of our prominent activities could not exist with the help of Alcoa Foundation, which provides funding for most of our employment related services. For many years now we have successfully applied for these grants. In the 2016-2107 grant period, we can continue the operation of our Nora-Centre, organising the monthly “Nemekbol Igenek” club meetings, and having 10 diversity and conflict management trainings at companies.

“VIAME” Erasmus+ programme (2016- ): VIAME (Values In Action Method Exchange) is an international project aimed to promote innovative teaching methods, which successfully activates youth and develops key skills. The project is based on four key international training meetings during which a hosting country presents and teaches its innovative methodology. Each international training will have 16 participants: 4 supervising trainers and 12 youth leaders – 4 people from each of the partnering country. The participating organisations are:
Fundacja Atalaya (Atalaya Foundation) – Poland
Civil Centrum Közhasznú Alapítvány (Civil Centrum Public Benefit Foundation) – Hungary
Universidade do Porto (University of Porto) – Portugal
Ljudska univerza Radovljica (Adult Education Centre Radovljica) – Slovenia

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“E-rurality” Grundtvig programme (2013-2015): Learning Partnerships program project between 6 EU organizations with common interest to promote development in local territory using learning possibilities and involving local society. Aim of the project is to develop knowledge about IT possibilities for employment and entrepreneurship in rural areas, raise skills of digital competencies and advance positive attitude to e-topics. Task of the project activities is to support small businesses, companies, organizations in rural areas by using internet and e-commerce. The goal goes hand in hand with Grundtvig program goals to support lifelong learning and ICT skills and goals of partner organizations. For more information, visit: or